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We’re pretty proud of our track record here at Tropicana Student Living. In a recent survey of our residents, 92.5% rated their overall Tropicana experience as Good to Excellent. Further, 97% of residents feel safe here, and 93% of our residents say they have made friends at Trop. The cleanliness of both our overall building and our on-site café received high marks as well.

Our staff gets superior ratings, too, with RAs and housekeeping receiving 89.5% good to excellent votes; professional staff and maintenance receiving 90.5% and 91.5% good to excellent ratings, respectively; and our front desk staff topping the ratings with 95% good to excellent scores.

Our Café workers got high marks for friendliness and speed of service, and the overall food service received a 91.5% good-to-excellent rating, with the salad bar, hot lunch entrees and desserts winning the favorite spots.

We invite you to experience the Tropicana lifestyle for yourself. Read on for a small sampling of  testimonials from satisfied Tropsters.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being at Trop.  I love having so many different bonding experiences, events, activities.  I personally love the food here and I think the location is ideal since it’s still in the main part of the college town without being kept up in all hours of the night listening to college kids party like crazy.
-Lauren F.


Tropicana Gardens Is the perfect place for college students to live.  Without Trop, a student would go from living at home to straight to living on their own. Trop is the perfect in between step because the people at Trop are friendly, helpful and welcoming.  The meal plan is great too with good food and lots of options.—And it’s unlimited!  The facilities are another thing that make Tropicana Gardens so great, the building is clean and kept up, there is a lot of community space where fun activities are held.  The amenities are nice and the rooms are too, as a resident we have access to a pool, gyms, rec rooms and a movie theater.—Plus there’s a lot of storage, which is the opposite of traditional dorm rooms.  Overall, it’s the perfect place to live!:)
-Annie J.


Living at Tropicana Gardens was definitely the best choice for me.  I always wanted to have a University dorm room feel and Tropicana is just that.  It has very friendly staff and excellent facilities.  If I didn’t live here I never would have met so many people and established amazing friendships that I have today.  I would recommend Tropicana Gardens to any incoming freshmen or new student that wants to meet new people, be in a safe environment, and participate in fun activities that are put on for all the residents.
-Jaclyn M.


I still remember looking at the Trop website and the video on it.  I remember asking my mom with awe “You mean you’re going to let me live there!?” My college plans had come together fast and I had decided to go to SBCC, but I had no idea where to live.  Trop provided everything I could ask for.  The living arrangements were great.  The fact that all the expenses were condensed into one bill made it easy to pay for and keep track of payments.  And the food; the food was delicious.  I had gone on a Caribbean cruise earlier during the summer and I felt like I had never left!  But the best thing about Trop was my first week there, the TEMPO week.  TEMPO gave a perfect opportunity to those who had not lived away from home before to acclimate themselves to the atmosphere of Trop and Isla Vista while having funs and making friends at the same time.  The Quad Wars event was also very memorable.  It was fun that so many of the residents wanted to participate and the competition was both fun to be in and to watch.  Tropicana is a one of a kind experience in Isla Vista and I will always enjoy recalling stories from my first year there.
-Adam S.

Come for a Tour

Come by anytime between 10:00am and 5:30pm to tour the property and see if Tropicana Gardens is the right place for you!

PARKING: Visitor parking can be found in the back of Tropicana Gardens in spaces 56 and 57. Please park in the spaces marked Visitor and note the number of your parking space. We'll be happy to issue a parking pass while you visit our communities!