UCSB Important Date 2017-2018

UCSB 2017-2018 Academic Year Calendar


Sept 20 Sunday UCSB Move in begins at 9:00 am
Sept 24 Thursday UCSB Classes begin
Nov 10 Monday Academic Holiday - Holiday Meal Schedule
Nov 22 Wednesday Thanksgiving break begins; last meal lunch
Residents depart by 5:00 pm*
Nov 26 Sunday Tropicana Gardens reopens at 1:00 pm
Nov 27 Monday Instruction resumes; meals begin with breakfast
Dec 15 Friday

Fall Quarter ends; last meal lunch.
Tropicana Gardens closes at 5:00 pm*


Jan 14 Sunday Tropicana Gardens reopens at 1:00 pm
Jan 1 Monday Academic Holiday - Holiday Meal Schedule
J Monday Instruction resumes; meals begin with breakfast
Feb 19 Monday Academic Holiday - Holiday Meal Schedule
Mar 23 Friday UCSB Spring Break begins; last meal lunch.
Residents depart by 5:00 pm*


April 1 Sunday Tropicana reopens at 1:00 pm for UCSB Students
April 2 Monday Instruction resumes; UCSB meals begin with breakfast
May 28 Monday Academic Holiday - Holiday Meal Schedule
Jun 15 Friday Spring Quarter Ends Last meal dinner
Jun 16 Saturday Tropicana Gardens closes at 1:00 pm

This calendar is based on the academic and administrative calendar published by UCSB, and is subject to change.

*Residence Halls traditionally close for the Thanksgiving holiday, Winter Break (includes Christmas and New Year's) and Spring Break. If you are unable to go home during UCSB academic breaks because of school, athletic or work obligations, you may make arrangements to stay at Tropicana Del Norte. Requests must be made in advance at the front desk and are approved on a case by case basis.

Come for a Tour

Come by anytime between 10:00am and 5:30pm to tour the property and see if Tropicana Gardens is the right place for you!

PARKING: Visitor parking can be found in the back of Tropicana Gardens in spaces 56 and 57. Please park in the spaces marked Visitor and note the number of your parking space. We'll be happy to issue a parking pass while you visit our communities!