Your Tropicana Gardens Suite: What’s Included and What to Bring

The first thing that you will be happy to know about a Tropicana Gardens Suite is that this soon-to-be home-away-from-home is not just the typical dorm room. A Tropicana Gardens suite comes equipped and ready-to-go with several living essentials that you won’t have to worry about transporting! The living room is furnished with a couch, […]

I Never Thought I Would Make Friends!

BUTTERFLIES Today is the day! It’s move in day at Tropicana and I have no Idea why I’m so nervous about meeting new people. It’s funny because I was looking at the big line of new students at SBCC and I was trying to see if maybe I could guess who my roommate was going […]

Ted’s List of Places to Eat in Isla Vista

(Map Courtesy of Google Maps.) In my first year at UCSB I gained thirty pounds, lurching from 130 to 160. Despite jogging twenty miles a week and sampling gym machines at UCSB’s Rec-Center, I couldn’t escape the ‘Freshman Fifteen.’ It caught me twice! Even when I ran marathons up the mountains to the north, I […]

Move In Day

Moving in a day before school is probably not ideal for most but let me tell you that its not bad at all. For personal matters I did not do TEMPO nor did I decide to move in two days before or early check in. I was quite nervous that I didn’t do any of […]


The first week is the craziest week. There was a surge of energy everywhere I went. I’ve never felt anything like it. Finally going to college makes everyone so excited to go out and meet people. As I walked around the first night every door was open, welcoming anyone who stopped by or walked past. […]


A Reflection by Asia Cooley – Tropicana Gardens SBCC Freshman A Reflection by Asia Cooley – Tropicana Gardens SBCC Freshman It felt like a typical high school film. When our senior class president said to turn our tassels to the left there was a sea of red gowns jumping out of their seats. The confetti […]
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