Our Team

  • Joseph Hill
    Executive Director

    Tropicana Student Living


    Joe started at Tropicana in 2006 as a resident and has moved up from Summer Crew Employee, to Desk Attendant, Resident Assistant, Residence Director, Associate Director of Technology, and finally Director of Technology. Joe has a BA in Psychology from UCSB.

  • Elisa Chambers-Stumpf
    Director of Residence Life

    Elisa was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, but lived in Florence, Italy for 20 years where she worked in school administration and owned a business in the restaurant industry. She joined the Tropicana team in 2021 when she moved to Santa Barbara. She has a BA in Psychology and truly enjoys working with people in many pursuits. She loves the active lifestyle living in Santa Barbara offers.

  • Danitza Valenzuela
    Associate Director of Resident Life

    Danitza was born and raised in El Centro, CA. She is a 2018 UCSB alum where she double majored in Global Studies and Italian Studies. Danitza started at Tropicana in 2014 as a resident and has moved up from a Resident Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Leasing Specialist, Judicial Affairs Officer, and finally Director of Judicial Affairs and Risk Management. She recently completed her final year at Santa Barbara Colleges of Law and earned her Juris Doctorate degree.

  • Anjanette Aguilar
    Resident Director 

    Anjanette Aguilar, the Resident Director of TDN is a Santa Barbara local and SBCC transfer attending CSU Channel Islands as an English major with an emphasis on Education. She loves going to the beach, getting some sun rays or watching the sunset. She and the Res Life team are committed to making this year a safe and memorable experience.

  • Laura Versola
    Director of Leasing and Administration

    Laura has worked at Tropicana since 2005. She has extensive expertise in café office management, summer coordination, leasing and accounting. Prior to working at Tropicana, Laura spent 10 years at Francisco Torres Residence Hall (now known as Santa Catalina Residence Hall at UCSB).

  • Josh Siley-Waters
    Director of Front Desk Operations

    Joshua Siley Waters joined the Tropicana Student Living team in Summer 2017 after graduating from Westmont College with a degree in Economics and Business. Starting at Tropicana as an Accounting Associate, Joshua grew to love the community and events at Tropicana while continuing to aid the under served community throughout Santa Barbara County. Prior to moving from the San Fernanado Valley, Josh gained a great appreciation for Motorsports, Economics, Cross Country, Healthcare, Mountain Biking, and more. Today he manages the Customer Service Operations team and is committed to the Tropicana residents, parents, guests, and the neighboring community of Isla Vista.

  • Bob Harriman
    Director of Housing

    Bob joined Tropicana in 2017 after working for 25 years in higher education, including positions in residence life, admissions, academic advising and MBA program management. He received his Master’s Degree with anemphasis in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University.

  • Matt Garcia
    Director of Accounting

    Matt has been with Tropicana since 2007, working his way up from a resident, to Tour Guide, Desk Attendant, Accounts Receivable Clerk, and now Associate Director of Accounting. Matt graduated from UCSB with a BS in Business Economics.

  • Dolores Rios
    Accounting Associate


    Dolores started at Tropicana in 2013. She’s locally raised in Santa Barbara. Dolores has more than 15 years experience in accounting. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two daughters.

  • Brendan Langley
    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Brendan came to Tropicana originally as a transfer student in 2009 and has since lived and worked for Tropicana as a part of the Residence Life and Marketing teams. He graduated from UCSB in 2011 with a BA in Film Studies.