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Tropicana SMS/Text Messaging

Tropicana Student Housing is now able to utilize text message services to communicate with our residents! We’re excited to be able to reach students for items like:

  • Packages
  • Maintnenace Issues
  • Emergency Alerts
  • So much more!

Our goal is to increase our ability to dialogue with our students. While the communication is currently one-way (we do not actively monitor any responses), we are hopeful that this new utility will be appreciated by our residents.

Opting Out

With that said, we also recognize that some of our students would prefer to NOT receive messages via SMS/text, and as such we have built a way for them to “opt-out” of the text messaging service if they choose to do so.

In order to opt-out, students can log in to their MyTropAccount and modify their settings by clicking the menu bar in the top left, followed by their name:

On the student’s “My Details” page, they can simply uncheck the “Receive SMS/Text Messages” box to disable text messaging notifications from Tropicana (you can also keep your cell phone number up to date from this page as well):

Please understand that in the event of a serious emergency, Tropicana may choose to contact students via text message¬†regardless of whether you’ve opted-out, as we would rather work to ensure students are aware of the circumstances in an emergency situation.