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Testimonial Category: Home


Tropicana gave me such a great experience for my freshman year and it gave me such a home-like experience away from home. It made my transition of moving from home easy, because I still got the typical Freshman experience with fun programs and met a diversity of people from not just California, but other countries, but it still was a close knit environment and it seemed like no matter where you were you saw a familiar face. Tropicana gave me such a great experience with its welcoming staff, and close knit community making this such an easy transition.


Tropicana has been my home away from home. My roommates almost instantaneously became my best friends, everyone I have met have been nothing but friendly, non-judgmental, and welcoming. I have had the honor to grow my leadership passion by serving as a TSO (Tropicana Student Organization) officer. I can truly and honestly say that living in Tropicana Gardens was the best decision I made, and I hope that next year I can contribute to the amazing Tropicana family.


When I was first transitioning into college, I was having a really hard time making friends, and balancing my classes, and learning to be all on my own, but I think that Tropicana really aided me during my transition by providing me with amazing RA’s like Tyler and Carlile that were there for me whenever I needed to rant, cry, or whatever. Even in the beginning when I didn’t want to talk with anybody, my RA made sure to check on me whenever he had the chance.


My first year at Trop has been a great one. My roommates have been good to me and I’ve made friends with some of the fellow residents including meeting a girl who is also from my hometown. My RA Milan has also been great help and I enjoy chatting with him from time to time and participating in his programs.