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UCSB Parents

Sending your child off to college can be emotional. The first year of college is a crucial year for students, and the freshman transition will be one of the most profound experiences your son or daughter will face during his or her lifetime.

Your child will not be left to fend for themselves during this transition. The Tropicana Gardens management team lives on site and is available to assist our new residents.

Tropicana’s Resident Assistants (RAs) host hundreds of events designed to nurture, entertain, encourage, and integrate new students into their college “home.” These varied programs provide positive outlets to the diverse interests of our residents and go a long way towards creating a connected community. Many of our residents form life-long friendships with the people they meet at Tropicana Gardens

The best way to get a sense of our community is to come for a visit. We are confident that you’ll quickly see what makes Tropicana Gardens so unique and why you’ll agree that it will be the best place for your son or daughter to live during this important season in their lives.

We value your relationship. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please call us at (805) 968-4319.

As a privately-owned residence hall, Tropicana Gardens has its own leasing process.

Questions? Call (805) 968-4319.