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How to Drink Healthier at Starbucks

If you’re like me, nothing screams comfort more than a hot Starbucks drink on a chilly day.

One thing I’m not the hugest fan of, though, is the amount of fat, sugar, and calories that tempt me on the menu when I’m ordering. While I definitely treat myself to unhealthy drinks occasionally, I try to make a habit of ordering lighter items most of the times so that the only thing getting damaged is my wallet!

Since the weather is getting cooler and finals are approaching, I think that we all could use a guide to which Starbucks drinks provide a winning combination of flavor and healthier nutritional stats!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hibernating in hoodies and sweatpants, gaining some extra fluff is not on my to-do list! Here’s how lightening up your drink can help:

Order nonfat milk: I personally barely notice the change from 2% (Starbucks standard) to nonfat milk in my drinks, especially with flavored lattes. By ordering your drink to be made with nonfat milk, you can cut around 1/3 of the calories and around 7 grams of fat in most tall drinks!

Go with a smaller size: As Americans, we’ve gotten so used to humongous portion sizes in both meals and drinks. By simply ordering a smaller size, you’re cutting unnecessary calories, fat, and sugar from your drink while still getting a pretty sizable treat.

Skip the whipped cream: Whipped cream can add around 120 calories and 11 grams of fat to your drink. What a ripoff! You could drink two nonfat lattes for the amount of calories whipped cream tacks on and save on all 11 grams of fat. If whipped cream is a must for you, though, order “light whip” so they go easy on the good stuff.

Add spices for flavor: I love adding a bit of cinnamon into my drink for a punch of delicious flavor and the soothing smell! In fact, spices such as cinnamon have been shown by studies to have positive health effects such as regulating your blood sugar, reducing LDL (the bad kind) cholesterol, and reducing inflammation.

Christine Skari

Christine is a Tropicana Villas resident who is a second year student majoring in Microbiology and minoring in French. She enjoys hiking, photography, cooking and baking, and blogging on her own personal food blog.

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