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Leaving home and your family can be very challenging

When I got the acceptance letter from Santa Barbara City College I was exited to be going to a wonderful school that had a great view and a lot of academic support. I realized that leaving your family and friends can be very nerve-wracking, as well as finding housing and worrying about finding roommates. People always told me that there was craigslist but as a first year student leaving home you don’t know what to expect when living with them.

There are lots of apartments in Isla Vista but none of those works out for me since it is either too expensive or too close to Del Playa and you have to find a roommate by yourself. So I took a look at the SBCC Apartments Listing. Tropicana Gardens poped up so I went on their website took a look at their price plans and what they offer.

So I told my Dad that I want to live at Tropicana Gardens for my first year since is a residence hall for SBCC students. He responded sure I can drive you down there on the weekend and take a look at it.

Once we reach Tropicana Gardens we went inside and I ask the lovely lady that was working behind the front counter if we can get a tour.

She showed us the rooms, café and answered all the questions that I have. After the tour I told my Dad that I wanted to live at Tropicana Gardens since it would be my first year and so I could make new friends. They also offer roommate matching which is way better than finding a roommate by your self and they have fun activities/events within your quad or the community. There’s also shopping center and restaurants near by and they have a 24-hour study lounge and quiet hours so you won’t be disrupted. They also have a café, which have wonderful staff and offers unlimited meals all day so if you get hungry you can just go there. It can’t get any better than that.

My first year living at Tropicana Gardens was amazing the first day I move in they have a welcome night which they talk about Tropicana Gardens and introduce you to the RA’s and staff and make you feel like is your own home. The next day when I returned from school I was able to meet my RA Sean and he welcomed me to his quad and told me that if I have any questions or concerns I can go talk to him, which is nice because you have someone that actually cares about you when your far away from home. During my experience at Trop I made lots or friends that went to SBCC and UCSB. Not only that but I also became best friends with an International student.

I was also involved in the activities/events that they have like hiking, going to the movies, or just hanging out in the rec room. The thing I enjoyed the most was Quads Wars (Go St. Croix). The rec room is a fun place to hangout since there is a TV Piano, Pool, Ping-Pong and a hockey Table.

When the school year was over I was very sad that I had to leave Trop and say goodbye to the wonderful staff that I met. I decided to look for an apartment that is close to school and I regret that I didn’t stay at Trop for another year or stay at the Villas.

Living with a roommate that you met on Craigslist is very different from living at Trop since there is no one that you can talk when you have problems or do anything with when you get bored.

My experience not living at Trop hasn’t not been a great. I don’t get along with one of my roommates. He scream at you when you do something wrong and much more (come on, we all make mistakes). We also have problems and gets into arguments.

What I miss about living at Trop was the wonderful RA’S/Staff, activities/events and the café since I can just go down and eat which saved me a lot of money because I don’t have to pay for food or utilities because is included in the price plan.

My advice to the Freshman at SBCC is that I recommend living at Trop if you don’t want your 1st year to be ruined by roommates or problems.

Much Love,
David “Chum” Chan

David Chan

David "Chum" Chan is a 3rd year student at Santa Barbara City College majoring in Computer Network Engineering. Originally from Oakland, CA, he now calls Santa Barbara his home. David lived at Tropicana his first year at SBCC. A fun facts about David is that he's an awesome person to talk to and hangout with, he enjoys grabbing a cup of coffee, walking along the beach, listening to music and making new friends.

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